Singapore Police Force

The Gurkha Contingent is a line department of the Singapore Police Force consisting primarily of Gurkhas from Nepal. Members of the GC are trained to be highly skilled and are selected for their display of strong discipline and dedication in their tasks. The principal role of the contingent is to be a special guard force, and it is currently used as a counter-terrorist force. Open once a time in a year at British Gurkha Army Camp Pokhara and Dharan Nepal. Only Nepalese youth from every part of Nepal and from every cast can apply.

01. Qualifications?


  • Age : Minimum 18 and maximum 21 years
  • Height : Minimum 158cm
  • Weight : Minimum 50 Kgs
  • Eyes: Glasses/ Contact Lenses/ Laser Surgery Not accepted


  • SEE : English - C
  • SEE - Maths - D


  • Nepali Citizenship (NPP) of applicant and their parents
  • SLC / SEE passed documents
  • Machine Readable Passport

02. Selection Process?


  • 1. Documentation
  • 2. Chinups 8 times

Regional Selection

  • 1. Medical and Education
  • 2. Physical : 800m, Heaving, Mid-Thigh, Repeated Carry, Medicine Ball
  • 3. Interview

Central Selection

  • 1. Medical
  • 2. Doko Carry, 2K, Education
  • 3. Interview