About us

Our definition of training is: “making your MIND comfortable with the fact that your BODY is going to be a little uncomfortable”. People who don’t like to train physically usually just don’t like to be uncomfortable, but getting out of our comfort zones – mentally or physically – is where positive change happens. Nobody improves while sitting under a warm fuzzy blanket. Our specialty is helping you train to be able to succeed for the British Gurkha, Indian Gorkha, Gurkha Contingent, Nepal Army and Nepal Police.


Our trainer and ex British Gurkha PTi Raj Budha Magar started the journey of the Gurkhas.


Research and Feasibility of a better training institute.

We wanted to offer all our experience to our trainees at a fraction of the price of one to one personal training sessions with us. We wanted our trainees to receive the best service, support and motivation to ensure your success. Our team specialise in body composition transformations, nutrition, education and strength training

The start of our training academy.

BGN Guide to Improve Fitness



Years of research and training hundreds at the various institutes we now know exactly what our trainees need for their success.

Our Courses

Our Facilities:

  • Physical Training from the experienced trainers.
  • Education Class from the best lecturers and teachers.
  • Indoor Training
  • Nutritional Guide
  • Gym with all the facilities.
  • Hygenic Hostel with Wi~Fi connection.
  • Motivational Classes every week.
  • Special Classes for the necessary trainees.

Our team

All your questions

We recommend and insist the training every day to make you physically and mentally fit.

The cost varies between type of training and the duration of training.

You can participate in the training by staying at our own hostel.

If you think you are fit,( or let us know if you have fitness queries ) then contact us for admission. You can start right away from the Gurkha Training admission form here