My Story
“Raj Budha Magar”

Firstly,welcome to Gurkha Victory Trainning Centre.This is Raj Budha Magar.I joined B.A in 1987 A.D.I served in B.A in 2RGR.During my army life,i got chance to serve in Brigade of Gurkha as a P.T.I and also to do C.P(close protection) course,body management course and live guard course.I feel I am luckey because i got chance to serve 18 months in Nepal for B.A selection.

"स्वर्ग को महसुस गर्न स्वर्ग जानु पर्दैन ।आफु पनि बाँच र अरुको लागि नि बाँची हेर्,स्वर्ग को महसुस हुने छ ।"

My 18 months duty of Nepal always inspires me to share my knowledge for Nepali youth because I was seeing physically strong and intelligent boys were disqualified due to lack of good Training.I retired in 2002.I came back to Nepal and taught my experience to Nepali youth as a Athletic coach.Finally,from this year,i have started my trainng center.Welcome to my all Nepali youth in Gurkha victory Trainng Centre.